Rough morning

My stomach has sharp pains. Im nauceous. Had a long dragged out episode this morning. My husband apparently spoke with some of my altars. I dont remember what he said, but it’s pribably because I’m still not feeling well. The head and left eye are achy and im dizzy. Had one of those non-epileptic seizures which ihavent had in awhile. Hate those. It is scary as hell and i always have a need for a mother afterwards.

I remember one time i had a seizure and when i awoke in the hospital, i had four stitches just below the eyebrow and cried out for a mommyinside. A woman who was sitting by my hospital bed waznt comforting because she kept staring at me and looking at me weird. I was thankful not to be left alone with the doctor though, because I hate doctors. They’re disgusting.  ~Miriam




2 thoughts on “Rough morning

    1. sisterstogether Post author

      Thanks. Im ok. Usually when Im that stressed out before i get hit with a seizure, I sit or lay down. That day though, I had no choice but to continue working. I was standing on a table about five feet high and when I passed out and fell down, I knocked my eyebrow bone against a thick metal bar.

      Two weeks ago, i was standing in my room by my bed talking with my husband. My head hurt so bad and then my husband told me afterward i fell down hard and had a seizure. But other than that, it is rare that this happens while standing.


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